Day 4: Music and exercise

7 01 2010

Music helps me think. All kinds of music. Like most people, I enjoy some genres much more than others. My favorites are electronica/house music, chill, indie, alternative, disco, rock, and hip-hop. Other genres I like also, but these particular ones are at the top of my list. Opera, not so much. In fact, I despise opera. Nothing makes me grumpy quicker than opera.

Tonight while I was riding on the bike rollers, I decided to listen to my “Workouts” playlist on my iPod. The entire playlist contains 4.5 hours of music. I’m sure that’s just a warm-up routine for Lance Armstrong, but it’ll take me days’ worth of workouts to get through that entire playlist. In future posts, I’ll occasionally be sharing some of my favorite songs. Here are a few for tonight:

— “Breathe Me” by Sia (not an upbeat song, especially for a bike ride, but no matter how many times I hear this song, I never get tired of it. You probably recognize it as the closing song in the final episode of “Six Feet Under”)
— “Say Aha” by Santigold
— “3am Gherkin” by Grandadbob
— “On a High” by Duncan Sheik
— “Long Time Coming” by The Delays
— “Steppin’ Out” by Kaskade
— “I Remember” by Deadmau5 and Kaskade
— “White Shadows” by Coldplay
— “Violent” by Concrete Blonde
— “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers
— “The Hand That Feeds” by Nine Inch Nails
— “All My Life” by Foo Fighters

I’m stuck indoors for a while since it’s so cold outside (and there’s snow on the ground today), so watching a DVD or listening to music while riding the rollers makes time pass much quicker. This summer when I was regularly riding my bike, I worked up to point of riding about 10 miles on the rollers. Now that I’ve not been riding for the past 3 months, I’m pretty much starting over. I’m tired after 2.5 miles. But I’m not giving up yet. I’m determined to get in good shape during the winter months so I’ll be ready to roll once Spring time comes around.

I’d love to discover some new music. If you have favorites, feel free to let me know what your favorites are!

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, banana, peanut butter smoothie (homemade with fat free chocolate milk, 1 banana, one teaspoon natural, organic peanut butter) = 147 cal.

— Jimmy John’s slim turkey sandwich with cheese = 401
— BBQ chips = 160
— Diet Coke = 2

— Grilled chicken breast sandwich = 240

— Fat free pudding cup = 60
— 1 tablespoon white chocolate peanut butter = 180

Exercise: 2.5 miles on bike rollers @ 10 mph average = 91 cal. burned

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for Day 5.




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