Day 6: LoseIt iPhone app

9 01 2010

One of my favorite iPhone apps that I use the most is LoseIt. Think of it as a portable nutrition journal. It enables me to find calorie, fat, sodium, protein and carbohydrate information for most everything I eat. A lot of information is pre-programmed into the app, so all I have to do is find the food item on the list and add it to my day’s food log. If I eat something that’s not already available in the app, I can enter it manually by looking up the nutrition info online, then entering it into LoseIt. It’s a great way to track what I’ve eaten each day and how many calories I’ve burned during a workout. Although I don’t have much of an idea how to track calories for local restaurants, so I figure up the information based on each main ingredient (grilled chicken + hamburger bun = grilled chicken sandwich). Not perfect, but at least it gives me an idea. I don’t eat much at fast food places, but the app also includes nutrition information for many fast food chains, so if you eat a lot of fast food, it makes it pretty easy. One thing it doesn’t help with is telling me how many calories I burned tonight walking up all the stairs to get to our nosebleed seats at the University of Kentucky basketball game.

Here’s today’s food journal:

— Builder Bar (chocolate) = 270 cal.

— BBQ pork sandwich = 360 (estimate)
— Diet Coke = 2

— 1.5 pieces pepperoni pizza = 507

— 1 small piece of birthday cake = 235

Exercise: 15 minutes on elliptical (3 miles) = 126 calories burned

Today’s starting weight: 150

See you tomorrow!




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