Day 11: Exercise and illness

14 01 2010

While I’m a bit discouraged this week, I’m still working on making healthier food choices when we go out for dinner. Eventually, I’ll reach the point where I fix healthy meals at home instead of going out, but I’m working on things one step a time.

The past two nights I’ve been lazy and have not worked out at all. I plan to work out tonight, but I wondered if that’s a bad idea since I have a head cold. (I know, I’m really just trying to justify another evening of couch potato-ness).

I looked online and found several articles pertaining to exercise and illness. Here are just a few:

Don’t Starve a Cold of Exercise (NYTimes)
Should I Exercise With a Cold? ( Sports Medicine)
Signs You’re Too Sick to Work Out (CNNHealth)
Exercising When Sick: A Good Move? (WebMD)

The general rule is if your symptoms are above the neck (such as sneezing, stuffy nose, etc.) it’s ok to do a moderate workout. If symptoms are below the neck (chest congestion, respiratory symptoms or a fever) don’t work out. Many sources suggested cutting back on the duration and intensity of a workout when any symptoms are present. I tried to find a “Sit-on-your-butt-and-watch-grey’s-anatomy” article to justify my lazy inclinations tonight, but I couldn’t find one.

That leads me to today’s starting weight: 151. I suppose I’d see the number go down more quickly if I’d work out more, huh?

Today’s food journal:

— Yogurt and granola = 420 cal.

— Amy’s Organic Mac & Cheese = 410
— Diet Coke = 2

— Turkey sandwich on hoagie = 280
— Diet Coke = 2

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.




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