Day 12: Primal Wear clothing

15 01 2010

I’m still feeling too much under the weather today to do any riding, but I did receive our most recent order from Primal Wear. Primal Wear and Nashbar are the companies I order from the most. (More on Nashbar in another post). We recently received an email from Primal about a close-out sale they were having on several items for as little as $10. There were quite a few selections available in various price ranges. We ended up ordering three $60 shirts for $10 each. One is a base layer and the other two are t-shirts. The cycling jerseys I use are also from Primal Wear. I’ve had several “cool jersey!” comments from other riders on occasion. The quality of their clothing has always been great and their customer service couldn’t be better. Which is rare these days, it seems. If you’ve not checked out Primal Wear, I highly recommend them.

Today’s food journal:

Breakfast: (slept through it today)

— Lean Cuisine Tortilla-encrusted Fish = 330 cal.

— Organic Toaster Tart = 150

Dinner (local restaurant):
— Black bean nachos (light on the cheese and with a small scoop of guacamole)

Today’s starting weight: 151

Hopefully tomorrow my head cold will be gone and I’ll have more energy to go for a ride. The weather was perfect today for an outside ride! It was 55 degrees this afternoon during my drive home from work. Much better than the 12 degrees we had a week or two ago.




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