Day 15: What’s in your fridge?

18 01 2010

I ran across an intriguing website the other day called “Cooking By Numbers.” The site provides a list of various ingredients found in either your fridge or cupboard. Check which items you have, and the site will provide a “recipe” for you based on those ingredients.

Another similar site that I like even better is “My Fridge Food.” The thing I like best about this site is it also provides the calories, fat and other nutritional information. When the site returns a list of possible recipes based on your selected ingredients, it also tells you which items are missing for a particular recipe. For example, I chose the ingredients peanut butter, cheese, eggs, chicken and honey. Out of the long list of potential recipes it gave me, I thought the “Easy Quesadilla” sounded good: 2 servings, 345 calories, 27.6 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein. And according to the website, I’m missing 50% of the necessary ingredients: salsa and tortillas. An easy-to-use site and it was nice it included nutritional information also. Definitely worth checking out.

Today’s starting weight: 151

Today’s food journal:

— Organic whole wheat english muffin with Nutella = 294 cal.

— Amy’s organic mac & cheese = 410
— Fat free pudding cup = 60

— Hummus with Pita = 116
— Salad with raspberry viniagrette = 80

— Fat free pudding cup = 60

And in other exciting news, today I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. Yipee! I start physical therapy this Friday. Hopefully this won’t derail my training for a century this summer.

Thanks for visiting. I’ll be back tomorrow.




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