Day 18: Mom’s chicken salad recipe

21 01 2010

My Mom is a fantastic cook. I unfortunately didn’t inherit her passion for cooking — I tend to be lazy about food. I eat dinner out almost every night. (No wonder I’m not losing any weight). But the eating out each night is going to stop soon. It’s time for me to take charge of my diet and start cooking healthy meals. One of my favorite recipes of my mom’s is her Chicken Salad recipe. It’s very easy to fix and is healthy too. If you try the recipe, let me know what you think.

Mom’s Chicken Salad: (My mom cooks by taste, rather than measuring, so when I fix this recipe I just dump a little of each spice in the chicken until I get the taste I want.)
— 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or canned chicken can also be used)
— Thyme
— Rosemary
— Garlic flakes
— Onion flakes
— Cayenne pepper
— Lemon pepper
— Seasoned pepper
— Fat-free mayo
I usually bake the chicken breasts by themselves first, then chop them into large pieces. The pieces then go into a food processor to make a shredded texture.
In a mixing bowl, combine the spices and chicken with a little bit of mayo. I prefer my chicken salad on the dry side, but some people like it more moist. Add more mayo until you’re satisfied with the consistency. I usually continue to add spices until I get the taste I want.
Serve in pita pockets with shredded lettuce and diced tomato.

Today’s starting weight: 151

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, banana, peanut butter smoothie =353 cal.

— PB&J on whole wheat with reduced fat peanut butter and sugar free real fruit spread =398
— Fat-free chocolate putting cup = 60
— Diet Coke = 2

Dinner: (at local restaurant)
— Citrus and chipotle chicken sandwich on wheat bun = 450 (this is a big guess on calories here)
— Diet Coke = 2

— 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios = 180

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.




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