Day 22: Boy on bike raises $161,000 for Haiti

25 01 2010

Seven-year-old Charlie Simpson from London, England has raised $161,000 for UNICEF’s Haiti relief efforts by riding his bike 5 miles (8km) around a local park. The money will help provide tents, food and water to Haitians in need. CNN covered Charlie’s story today. Find out how you can help by checking out Charlie’s fundraising page here. Way to go, Charlie!

Today’s starting weight: 151 (yes, it’s still the same.)

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, banana, peanut butter smoothie = 353 cal.

— PB&J on whole wheat = 398
— 8 honey wheat pretzel sticks =110
— 1 fat free pudding cup = 60
— Diet Coke = 2

— Salad with ranch dressing = 163
— 1 soft pretzel = 483
— Diet Coke = 2

— 1 fat free chocolate pudding cup = 60

I’m 186 calories over my daily limit. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.




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