Day 27: Cycling books at the public library

30 01 2010

Books about cycling at the public library.


So many books . . . not enough time. Despite having a large bookshelf full of books that I’m planning to read, I ventured out in the snow today to the Louisville Free Public Library to see what kind of cycling books they have. There were three sections of books: everything from mountain biking in Moab to cycling for fitness and handbooks on long-distance cycling. I fought the desire to check out a large majority of what I found on the shelves. Instead I limited myself to five: 

7-week Cycling for Fitness by Chris Sidwells
The Long Distance Cyclists’ Handbook by Simon Doughty
Bicycle Gearing: A Practical Guide by Dick Marr
Odysseus’ Last Stand: The Chronicles of a Bicycle Nomad by Dave Stamboulis
Chasing Lance: The 2005 Tour de France and Lance Armstrong’s Ride of a Lifetime by Martin Dugard 

I figure those should all keep me occupied for a while. If you’ve not done so already, be sure to check out your local public library next time you’re looking for that perfect book for a rainy (or snowy) day. Best thing of all is the books are free!

Today’s starting weight: 151 

Food journal: 

— Turkey sandwich on french baguette = 459 cal.
— Small bag Rold Gold pretzels = 230 

— 2 cheese enchiladas = 420
— 4 tablespoons guacamole dip = 100
— Iced tea = 0 

— 1 scoop Cookies & Cream ice cream = 280 

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow.




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