Day 33: Whole Foods’ “weigh less, pay less” discount

5 02 2010

Whole Foods is offering its employees health-based discounts to help promote healthy lifestyles. The company is offering store discounts for employees who don’t smoke, have low cholesterol, low blood pressure and low BMI. It’s a voluntary program, but is it discriminatory? For many people, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are inherited problems. It’s possible to eat healthy, exercise and still have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. So those people are unable to participate in the program?

The company offers free health screenings for employees who choose to enroll in the program. Critics question whether or not there are legal issues with the health screenings. How much personal medical information is actually gathered and what is done with that information? Does gathering the information violate employees’ confidentiality rights or federal privacy laws? I would think if it’s a voluntary program, and the employee is fully aware of the information they are providing to the company, it’s their choice to do so. But are they sure no additional information is gathered?

What are your thoughts?

Today’s starting weight: 151

— Strawberry, banana smoothie with fat-free yogurt = 250 cal.

— Wendy’s chicken sandwich = 430
— Crystal Light peach tea = 10

— I’m ashamed to admit I ate french toast at a local restuarant. Not exactly low-calorie, but I had a huge craving. I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I step on the scale.

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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