Day 34: Ticket to Ride Bike Pool

6 02 2010

Louisville’s Ticket to Ride now offers a bike pool registration tool to help commuters connect with a list of people near them who have similar commutes and destinations, and who are interested in cycling with another commuter. The program also offers a guaranteed ride home in case you have an emergency or unexpected overtime at work which prevents you from riding your bike home. And you can choose to be paired with someone who’s similar to your experience level, or to someone who is more experienced. I’ve not registered yet, but I do plan to try commuting to work some once the weather improves. It’s a 10-mile one-way trip with part of the ride going through one of Louisville’s Cherokee Park, but I need to improve my skill on hills before attempting that part of the ride. Still, I’m excited about the bike pool program.

Today’s starting weight: 151

— Fat free yogurt with organic granola = 420 cal.

— Grilled chicken sandwich = 262
— Salad with ranch dressing = 163
— Iced Tea = 10

— Hot chocolate (amaretto flavored, Land ‘o Lakes brand) = 140

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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