Day 39: Mayoral candidates and cycling

11 02 2010

One thing I like so much about Louisville is the cycling community and the support it receives from the city. Our current mayor may have his critics, as any politician does, but he’s a big bicycling supporter (and a cyclist himself). He’s announced that he’s not running for re-election this year, so I’m curious to see who will take his place.

The Louisville Bicycle Club announced it will host a meeting for mayoral candidates to voice their ideas about cycling on April 14th at 6:30 p.m. at The Clifton Center. I plan on being there.

Today’s starting weight: 150

— Organic whole wheat English muffin with Nutella = 294 cal.

— Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich = 430
— Iced tea =10

— Organic fat free yogurt with granola = 420

— Turkey sub on hoagie  = 280
— Iced tea = 10

— Fat free chocolate pudding = 60

Reviewing my food journal the past couple days made me realize my meals are still higher in calories than they probably should be. For example a 420 calorie afternoon snack (yogurt and granola) is closer to a meal. No wonder I’m not losing weight. Eating five small(ish) meals a day works best for me, but I need to adjust my calorie intake for each meal so I’m not exceeding my daily calorie allowance (like I did today). Hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier.

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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