Day 45: The Bicycle Book

17 02 2010

The Bicycle Book


My order arrived in the mail today. “The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom and Wanderings” is a collection of bicycling-related illustrations and stories by various writers. Included is “Keeping Up With Lance,” Scott Roberts’ interview with Chris Carmichael and “Bicycling and Walking,” Thomas Hylton’s editorial on bike-friendly communities. Many other stories, comic illustrations and bike-related jokes are included in the book’s 149 pages: “Vacation Survival for Bike Maniacs Who Travel with Non-Bikers,” “Shifting Ahead: Predictions for Cycling in the 21st Century,” and “Of Dogs and Cyclists” are just a few of the many stories I’m looking forward to reading. One of the cartoons I read while I flipped through the book showed a cyclist saying, “Doc, when I pedal a bike my legs hurt below the knees. What’s wrong?” The doctor says, “You’ve got Schwinn-splints.” Good one. 

After two days of rest, sleep and fighting off a fever and nasal congestion, today I’m starting to feel more like myself. I hope to get on the bike soon and get my butt into gear (pun intended) and on the path to getting in shape. 

Today’s starting weight: 148 (attributed mostly to not eating dinner out for 3 nights, and not having much of an appetite in general). But I’m just happy I finally got below 150. I hope to keep it that way. 

Food journal: 

— Chocolate Builder Bar = 270 cal. 

— 1 bowl low-sodium Chicken Noodle soup = 255
— 1 glass orange juice = 120 

— Tandoori Chicken samosas = 400
— 1 glass orange juice = 120 

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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