Day 46: Louisville-area cyclists needed

18 02 2010

According to Jackie Green of Louisville’s Bike Couriers Bike Shop, the local cycling community is invited to participate in Clifton’s Easter Parade on Saturday, April 3. Cyclists wanting to ride in the parade should meet at the parking lot of St. Marks, 2822 Frankfort Avenue at 11:00am. Feel free to bring/wear Easter bonnets and noisemakers. Beyond the Clifton neighborhood, think of this parade as a rehearsal for the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Pegasus Parade. Jackie is calling for several bikes dressed like horses and jockeys, with plans to stage mini (half block) races by the “horses.” Help spread the word and come ride in the parade on April 3!

Today’s starting weight: 149

Food journal:

— Organic fat free yogurt with granola = 420 cal.

— Wendy’s Spicy chicken sandwich = 430
— Iced tea = 10

— Tandoori chicken samosas = 400
— Iced tea = 10

I’ve adjusted my daily calorie allowance to 1100 per day, but the past week or so I’ve really been struggling to not go over that limit. Today I could’ve made a big improvement by not eating a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.




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