Day 49: Track My Tour

21 02 2010

Track My Tour iPhone app


Today on Facebook, I noticed a post from the Adventure Cycling Association about the “Track My Tour” iPhone app. From what I understand, the app allows you to add waypoints to a map so you can track your trip (whether it’s a bike tour, a hike or a road trip). Each waypoint can be enhanced with photos or a blog post to describe each point of your trip. Submitting your entries on the Track My Tour website enables you to share your trip with your friends and family so they can follow along with your trip. It’s not a “real-time” tracker, so it doesn’t put such a drain on your iPhone battery as some of the other apps. I’ve not tried the app yet, but it sounds like a pretty good one. Now I just need to plan a big bike trip! If you’ve used this app, let me know what you think. 


Today’s starting weight: 150 

Food journal: 

— Organic whole wheat english muffin with Nutella = 294 cal. 

Lunch and Dinner:
— I was out of town today and not only did I not track what I ate, I also didn’t stick to my diet very well. I plan to get back on the wagon tomorrow. 

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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