Day 68: Gu energy gel

12 03 2010
Gu energy gel

Gu energy gel (photo courtesy


The longest ride I’ve done to date has been 35 miles, so I’m far from an endurance athlete. Actually, it would be a stretch to call myself an athlete at all, for that matter. But on a lot of my rides, I do need to re-fuel. One thing I always make sure to take with me on a ride is several packages of Gu energy gel. There are various other brands of energy gels and chews available on the market such as Luna Moon energy chews and Clif Shots. I’ve not tried these yet, but I do use Gu. I like the consistency, although I know some people find the texture and consistency a turn-off. 

I tend to avoid the gel chews. I have several dental crowns and fillings and I prefer to keep them in my mouth, as opposed to stuck to a wad of gummy energy candy. I’ve found that the energy gels are easy to consume while on a bike ride (or during a quick pit stop), they don’t cause me any stomach upset or indigestion and they do a great job of warding off hunger. Of course, they’re not meant to be a meal substitute (they’re only about 100 calories), but they help give me a quick energy boost when I need it. 

Some products (Luna chews and Clif Shots) contain brown rice syrup, which takes longer for the body to digest and absorb since it is a complex carb. Clif Shots and Gu both contain electrolytes, but a small enough amount to probably not make much difference in a long endurance event. 

My thoughts of the various Gu flavors I’ve tried:
Lemon Sublime – this one is my favorite. A more subtle flavor than some of the other flavors. And this one contains no caffeine.
Chocolate Outrage – another favorite. Tastes somewhat similar to chocolate frosting (similar, but not the same).
Vanilla Bean – gross. Tasted like I was sucking on a vanilla candle.
Orange Burst – okay, but not one of my favorites.
Tri-Berry – okay, but not one of my favorites either. 

I still want to try Espresso Love (twice the caffeine) and Mint Chocolate. Strawberry/Banana, Plain and Jet Blackberry don’t sound very appealing to me, so I think I’ll skip those. 

Do you use an energy gel (or chews) on your rides? Do you notice an increase in energy? What other products/food do you take with you on rides? 

Today’s starting weight: 150 

Food journal: 

— Organic whole wheat english muffin with Nutella =  294 cal. 

— Low fat PB&J on whole wheat = 398
— Small bag Rold Gold pretzels = 230
— Vitamin Water Zero = 0
— Fat free chocolate pudding cup = 60 

— Pepperoni pizza (yes, I was a bad girl) = 1015 

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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