Day 71: Resistive Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike

15 03 2010
Pedal exerciser

Pedal exerciser - image:


I saw this article on MSNBC today about something called a Resistive Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike, made by I’ve never heard of the product before, but I thought it was an interesting idea. Actually, it’s not exactly a bike, but rather just the pedals. The device supposedly can provide safe low-impact exercise, and increase cardiovascular health and coordination. 

While it obviously won’t replace a traditional bike (nor provide the same kind of workout), I see how it might be beneficial to people like me who sit on their butts all day at a desk job. Or for people who are elderly or those who have health conditions that prevent them from riding a traditional bike. With a price tag under $30, it’s easily affordable for most everyone. I don’t have much room under my desk at work, so I’m pretty sure I’d whack my knees on the underside of my desk, but still . . . it’s an interesting idea. 

Today’s starting weight: 150 

— Chocolate and banana smoothie = 385 cal.
— Sesame bagel (we had an office party today – always extra temptation) = 310 

— PB&J on whole wheat = 398
— Fat free chocolate pudding = 60
— 8 honey wheat braided Rold Gold pretzels = 110
— Vitamin Water Zero = 0 

Dinner (Oh my god! We cooked at home tonight!):
— Chicken cassarole with corn tortillas, fat free cheese, onions, and low-sodium Rotel (Mom’s recipe, so calories are a guesstimate based on what I found online for the approximate measurements of each ingredient) = 350
— 2 cups roasted red potatoes = 280 

— 1/2 Builder Bar (afternoon snack) = 135
— Fat free chocolate pudding = 60 

Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow.



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