Day 74: Online bike forums: what’s your favorite?

18 03 2010

The Internet is a fascinating thing. One thing I really have a love/hate relationship with though, is online forums. In one respect, they are a great place to find a lot of like-minded people discussing a common topic. I’ve found boat-loads of helpful information on many topics. Depending on the forum, most participants seem to be genuinely interested in providing useful information and good answers to people’s questions. One of the best and most useful forums I’ve found in the past year is The forum is nicely organized into various topics: community connections, advocacy and safety, bike mechanics, cyclocross, long-distance cycling, road cycling, over 50, training and nutrition and much more. There seems to be something for everyone. When I first started cycling last year, I joined the forum and read many of the discussions on various topics of interest to me. I posted a few questions, and was pleasantly surprised how friendly everyone was and how helpful their answers were. I still participate in this forum on a regular basis.

The “hate” part of my relationship with online forums stems from other groups I’ve found whose members are rude, condescending, and snarky. Unfortunately, one of our local groups falls into this category. While not all of the members are rude, quite a few of them do seem to come across that way. Since joining this forum, I’ve mostly lurked rather than participate in the discussions. While I have found some useful information in the discussions, the catfights and bitch-fests seem to far outweigh any good that comes from the group. So much so, that I don’t even refer newbies to them, instead referring them to other local groups.

It’s astonishing how one group of people can waste days (DAYS!) on griping and whining about the same topic. I know it’s just the nature of the internet, but when one moron drives the entire discussion into the crapper, why does everyone else feel the need to continue participating in the asinine discussion and the name-calling? Why not simply ignore the moron and move on to the next topic? There’s really no need for the majority of the group to start acting like 10-year-olds.

Does your local bike club have an online forum? Are they helpful and welcoming to newbies? Or is the group overrun with catfights?

Today’s starting weight: 150

— Organic whole wheat english muffin with Nutella = 294 cal.

— PB&J on whole wheat = 398
— 8 Rold Gold honey wheat braided pretzel sticks = 110
— Vitamin water Zero = 0

— Salad with ranch = 163
— Small baked potato = 163
— Iced tea = 0

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.

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