Day 76: Cycling with a shoulder injury and the Cyclemeter app

20 03 2010
Cyclemeter app

Cyclemeter app


It was a perfect day for a ride today. As I explained in yesterday’s post, I was cleared by my physical therapist to take a “test ride” today as long as I promised to avoid climing hills. Which was not really a problem, since I pretty much suck at them anyway. 

It was about 55 degrees when Carrick and I headed out around 11:30. The sun was out, the temperature was perfect and I was happy to be on the bike again. We rode 10 miles on my usual route through a couple nearby neighborhoods. My shoulder felt good. 

I’ve noticed when I cross an intersection after stopping at a traffic light, I tend to stand up while pedaling through the intersection. Maybe most people do this . . . I don’t know. I had to change that today since the pulling/rocking motion while standing really puts a lot of strain on my shoulder (also the reason why I was told to avoid hills for a while). Making a conscious effort to get seated on the bike again once I started off from a stop seemed to avoid any pain in my shoulder. The ride went well, I burned almost 500 calories, tested out the Cyclemeter app and had a great day! So with my shoulder covered with Kenesio Tape and an ice pack on it (as instructed) after the ride, I may be falling apart, but I refuse to admit that I’m getting old.  

The Cyclemeter app seems to work very well. I like that it continues to track my ride while my iPhone screen is on sleep mode. (Some other apps I’ve tried turn off when you put the phone to sleep.) The app seemed fairly accurate, although somewhat off according to the stats on my cyclecomputer on my bike. The bike computer shows I rode 10 miles and averaged 11 mph. Cyclemeter shows I did 9.83 miles and averaged 8.15 mph (which I know is off). And it shows I burned 483 calories. But overall, I like the app and I look forward to getting a couple more rides logged so it will show me a comparison of one ride to another. 

Today’s starting weight: 151 

— Chocolate Builder Bar = 270 cal.
— Fat free organic chocolate milk = 180 

— Turkey sandwich = 280
— Baked potato chips (about 10) = 56
— Iced tea = 0 

Exercise: Cycling = burned 483 cals. 

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. 

…( ) / ( ) 

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