Day 85: Upcoming local rides and The Bike Snob, revealed!

29 03 2010

I received good news today from the orthopedic doctor today. The X-rays didn’t indicate a torn rotator cuff, but rather tendonitis of the rotator cuff. I lack a good bit of strength in that arm, so strength training will resume next week. I received a cortisone injection today, which supposedly should make me feel back to normal within a week or so. If not, a short dose of prednisone will be prescribed. After that, if the pain persists, the doc will send me for an MRI.

I’m very happy to hear no surgery is needed at this point and I’m looking forward to feeling normal again soon. Or at least as normal as a 40-year-old, 20-pounds-overweight, out-of-shape woman can feel.

The other bit of good news was the doc told me to get back on the bike and ride as much as I want. “If it hurts, don’t do it,” was her advice.

Which brings me to several upcoming rides I’m excited to participate in soon:

April 3: Local Easter parade – complete with fuzzy bunny ears to wear on my helmet. I plan to take my camera and probably video camera also. I think this is a short ride, so it should be fairly easy.

— May 8: Team Fatty’s 100 Miles to Nowhere – I’m registered and should be receiving my swag bag and t-shirt soon. Since I’ve not had much opportunity to train yet this year, I’m shooting for 50 miles for this ride (since any number of miles is acceptable). If I can do more, all the better. More information about this event is available on my Day 78 post. Carrick plans to ride it with me (doing her own 50 miles). We decided we will probably have our iPods handy during the ride (breaking our usual rule of no iPods while riding outside). But we figure since there’s no traffic to worry about, I think we’ll be fine. A coworker thinks I’m nuts for even attempting 50 miles, but I think it’ll be fun in a mind-numbing, completely monotonous way.

— May 29 and 30: Horsey Hundred in Georgetown
I’d like to think I’ll be ready for the 100 miles of the Horsey Hundred by the end of May, but in case I’m not, the event has other scenic routes options that include 26, 35, 53 or 75 miles. The Sunday routes include a choice of a 34 mile loop, a 50 miler through Paris, KY or a 70-miler through the heart of the Bluegrass. My plan is to try the 35 miler on Saturday and the 34 or 50 miler on Sunday.

— June 26: The hospital where I work is planning a cycling fundraising event for this date, but I don’t yet have specifics since it’s still in the planning stages. I’ve heard it will have several mileage options, including a 100 mile course. Once I find out more information, I’ll include it in a future post.

I also hope to start weekend rides again with the Mad Pups. They have some fun, relatively easy 17-35 mile rides that I enjoyed last summer.

In other news, you may have already heard, The Bike Snob is no longer anonymous. As part of a promotional tour for his new book “The Snob,” he has revealed himself to be 37-year-0ld Eben Oliver Weiss, a former literary agent from Brooklyn. I love to read his blog and I’m looking forward to buying his book, but I always enjoyed the unidentified persona. That’s part of what makes him appealing, I think. What do you think? Do you feel differently now that you know his identity?

Today’s starting weight: 150

— Chocolate Builder Bar = 270 cal.

— Grilled cheese on wheat = 431
— 1 cup potato chips = 150
— Iced tea = 10

— Grilled chicken BBQ sandwich = 360
— Iced tea = 10

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( )

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