Day 90: It rained on our Easter bike parade

3 04 2010

The weather didn’t cooperate this morning for our bike ride in the Frankfort Avenue Easter parade. We decorated our bikes for the occasion, but by 9:30 before we even left the house, the skies opened up. The forecast called for thunderstorms and 15 mph winds through most of the morning, so we decided to skip the parade. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next year. We did get lucky this afternoon though: the rain stopped by lunchtime and the rest of the day was a beautiful, sunny 65 degree blue sky day. We rode our bikes to dinner, so we still ended up getting in several miles despite being rained out this morning. It turned out to be a fantastic day.

I filled my trunk bag with little stuffed chicks and plastic easter eggs full of candy. The plan was to throw these out to kids during the parade.

More chicks were along for the ride on my handlebars.

Carrick took this during our ride to dinner. We passed another cyclist in the neighborhood who pointed, gave us a big smile and a thumbs up sign. Despite missing the parade, we still had a great day.

Today’s starting weight: 150

I didn’t really track my food today and fell of the diet wagon a bit. I’ll be getting back on track once Easter weekend is over.

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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