Day 93: Louisville is #21 on America’s Top 50 Bike Friendly Cities

6 04 2010

Louisville skyline / photo by Alice A. Thompson


Bicycling Magazine released its list of America’s Top 50 Bike Friendly Cities and Louisville made the list at number 21. We may never be number 1, but thanks to mayor Jerry Abramson and the local bike clubs, there are plenty of cycling-related events and group rides to participate in. The 2005 city-wide bike summit launched several new initiatives such as the Louisville Loop and the Mayor’s Hike and Bike event.  

The Louisville Loop is a biking and walking paved trail that is currently about 25 miles long. It’s a nice, mostly flat path that travels along the river and through some of the area parks. Once completed, the 100-mile Loop will encompass the entire county. 

The twice a year Mayor’s Hike and Bike event occurs every Memorial Day and Labor Day. The first year it was held (2006) about 1,000 participants showed up. In 2007, over 4,000 people participated. I can’t seem to find any statistics for 2009, but I was there! It’s one of the big events I look forward to every year. 

Other recent news was that the 2013 Elite Cyclo-cross World Championships and the 2012 and 2013 Masters Cyclo-cross World Championships will be held here in Louisville. Pretty awesome! 

I’m sure I’m overlooking other bike-related things about Louisville, but hopefully I’ve covered a good bit of them here. In addition, I recently listed several of my favorite local cycling groups, bike shops, local government resources and other Kentucky links on my Local Links page. If you have others you’d like me to list, feel free to let me know. Louisville is a great city and the bike-friendliness of it just makes it even better. 

Where does your city fall on the Top 50 list? What do you like best about your city? 

Today’s starting weight: 150 

I had a crazy day today and didn’t track my food, but I’ll get that back on track tomorrow. 

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride! 

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