Day 104: Biking to Thunder over Louisville

17 04 2010

It was a beautiful, sunny day today with temperatures in the mid-60s. Today was Thunder Over Louisville, the largest annual fireworks show in the U.S. Each year, Thunder kicks off the two week celebration known as the Kentucky Derby Festival. Thunder usually draws around 500,000 people or more each year. Needless to say, traffic is a nightmare and biking is definitely the way to go.

This morning (a good 10 hours prior to the start of the fireworks), I rode my bike downtown to see people already paying $20 for parking so they could walk down to the waterfront and stake out their spot for the fireworks show for tonight. I enjoyed a 10 mile ride through town this morning, then came home. We went to a movie later this afternoon and out for dinner. Later, we got on our bikes and rode down to see the fireworks. The ride takes us about 20 minutes each way. The best part is riding next to all the cars after the event that are stuck in traffic. We’re back home in our pj’s before people even get out of the traffic jam.

Usually I haul my camera gear and tripod and take photos of the fireworks, but this year I decided to just shoot video, so I’ll post that tomorrow night after I finish editing it.

It was an eventful day and I’m exhausted. I didn’t track my food today, so I’ll get back on track again tomorrow.

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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18 04 2010
Day 105: Video from Thunder Over Louisville « Cyclingproject365

[…] included information about Thunder in last night’s post. The Thunder website estimated there were over 700,000 people who attended the event yesterday. […]

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