Day 116: Traffic sucks

29 04 2010

As Louisville gets ready for the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, various events have been taking place around town the past few weeks. Today was the Pegasus Parade, a huge parade that meanders throughout much of downtown and the surrounding areas. It’s a lot of fun to watch, but when any big event takes place in an urban area, traffic becomes a nightmare. This list of street closings gives you an idea of just how difficult driving can be during the parade. Many downtown businesses let employees go home early (to either avoid traffic or watch the festivities).

This morning Carrick rode her bike to work downtown so she wouldn’t have to deal with traffic. Wise choice! While she pedaled easily through downtown to get home, I sat in a ginormous traffic jam for over an hour (I work about 10 miles from home). All four lanes of the interstate were barely crawling along. I would have taken a photo, but I was too frustrated to even think about it. And I had to pee.

Needless to say, the whole ride-to-work thing is sounding better and better. And while I really enjoy living in Louisville and always enjoy the Derby events, I’m always glad when they’re over.

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothie = 294 cal.

— Jimmy John’s Slim Turkey sandwich = 401
— “Skinny” chips = 130
— Iced tea = 10

— BBQ pork sandwich = 360
— Iced tea = 10

— Mini drumstick ice cream = 140

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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2 responses

29 04 2010

I totally cut across from Grinstead to Eastern Parkway (although the traffic was still pretty bad there…three changes of the light at Bardstown) and came home that way. Figured it would be better than any highway heading toward the parade.

29 04 2010

Smart move, Carla! By the time I left work heading for the Waterson, I’d completely forgotten about the parade today. Duh. And in an even more idiotic move, I got off the Waterson at Taylorsville to Trevilian. Bad, bad idea. I think everyone else was doing the same thing. Ugh! What a mess. Hopefully traffic is back to normal tomorrow since I have a meeting downtown. Yay.

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