Day 122: Green light?

5 05 2010

The past couple posts, I’ve talked about the confusion that results between motorists and cyclists, particularly when cyclists run traffic signals or otherwise ignore traffic laws. Obviously, as we all know, motorists are also frequently guilty of disregarding traffic laws, so they’re not without blame either.

Carrick told me tonight that as she was sitting in traffic on her way home from work, a cyclist (who happens to be very well-known in the local cycling community and one of our mayoral candidates), rode between two long lines of cars which were stopped at a traffic signal. Once he reached the intersection, he ran the light and made a right turn, cutting off the right-hand lane of cars. Granted, the cars were not moving yet since their light hadn’t changed, but the point is, I bet it would be difficult to find one driver in the long line of cars who didn’t mutter some kind of “damn cyclists” comment (or something similar) as he squeezed by them.

This particular cyclist is a super nice guy, although I’ve only met him a few times. He’s made comments on his website in the past that he doesn’t feel it’s necessary for bicycles to “act” like cars in order to be safe. He doesn’t bother following the general laws of traffic. I guess that’s his right. He can certainly do what he wants, but I find it hypocritical when cyclists say they want motorists to respect them and they want the city to do more to make cycling safe for everyone, but honestly, when you’re one who continually frustrates motorists with your unpredictable actions, how can you expect them to treat you with respect? You make all cyclists look bad (from the perspective of the motorists).

I’ll shut up about this topic now and step down off my soapbox. What are your thoughts? As you ride your bike, do you consider how your actions affect others?

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothie = 385 cal.

— Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich = 430
— Iced tea = 10

— Salad with Ranch dressing = 163
— Iced tea = 0

— 2 chocolate chip cookies (left over from a work party) = 440
— Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice cream cup (evening snack) = 120

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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5 responses

6 05 2010

Wow, I am very surprised at his behavior! I didn’t know his stance on bikes in traffic but I find it really irresponsible or counterproductive…or something. I’m occasionally guilty of ‘running’ a red light when no cars are present and I can’t trigger the light, but riding inbetween a line of cars…I would never risk it. Those kind of poopy moves breed animosity.

6 05 2010

I do the same thing, Marcy. When I stop at a light and wait for a bit but can’t trigger the sensor in the street, then I’ll go through the light once traffic clears. But cutting between two lanes of traffic is just crappy. He can’t expect motorists to respect cyclists when they see him doing stuff like that.

6 05 2010

First of all, it’s not his right to behave that way. It’s against the law. I’m willing to bet your state does not allow lane splitting.

Second, his behavior is counter-productive and only serves to perpetuate stereotypes of cyclists by motorists.

6 05 2010

Right. I’m pretty sure the laws apply to everyone equally. He shouldn’t be exempt from following them just like the rest of us. Having his actions perpetuate the stereotype people already have toward cyclist really makes me mad.

17 05 2010

Exactly it is not his right. And furthermore his actions reflect poorly on the rest of us cyclists.

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