Day 139: Bike to work savings calculator

22 05 2010

Since yesterday was Ride to Work Day, I thought it seemed appropriate to include a link to this bike to work savings calculator I found earlier this week. (I forgot to include it in yesterday’s post.) I’m sure there are lots of these calculators out there on the web, but I thought this one was helpful, easy to use and the “see our methodology” link provides information on how it works. For example, “The per-mile cost of driving to work is 50 cents, including gasoline, insurance, maintenance and depreciation, according to the IRS’ 2010 standard mileage rates….The per-mile cost of biking is 9.6 cents and includes maintenance and depreciation, based on interviews with U.S. cycling organizations and previously published research….”

It’s pretty eye-opening to see a dollar figure put on my daily drive to work. I live about 10 miles from work. I don’t have any parking or toll expenses. Based on the calculator, with my 20-mile round trip to work each day, I could save $8.08 each day if I commuted by bicycle. I suck at math, but if I figured it correctly, there are about 20 work days in a month (average), that translates to $161.60 per month or $1939.20 per year! Wow! I think it’s time I stop being lazy, find a good route to work and start riding my bike to work. I could save a good bit of money AND be in better shape! Maybe then I could finally get the scale to move the right direction.

Do you commute by bike to work? If so, how often? How many miles?

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate mint Builder Bar = 270 cal.
— Organic low-fat chocolate milk = 180

— Grilled chicken quesadilla = 154 (est.)
— Potato chips (about 1/2 cup) = 60
— Iced tea = 0

— Large salad with ranch dressing = 178
— Baked potato = 163
— Iced tea = 0

— Skinny Cow ice cream cup = 120

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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