Day 147: When it rains, it pours

30 05 2010

Weather has not cooperated for us today. We had planned to ride our bikes to the Beatersville Car Show this afternoon, but 10 minutes before we left, the thunder started. It cleared quickly enough, but we decided instead to drive. I’ll post some photos soon from Beatersville, but tonight I’m leaving the computer off since the lightning is providing quite a show. (I’m posting this from my phone.)

The Beatersville Car Show is an annual event of hot-rod cars and trucks, rockabilly bands and pin-up girls. It’s one of my favorite events to photograph. Lots of fantastic cars and trucks, crowds are friendly and the music is always fun. Several minutes after we arrived today, the skies opened up and we ran inside the bar just as the downpour started.

This year there seemed to be quite a few old-school bicycles included in the show. I took around 200 photos, so I’ll share some of those in the next couple days.

We got home after dinner to find our air conditioner unit in the house isn’t working. Awesome. It’s only 81 degrees in the house. Sometimes home-ownership sucks.

Tomorrow morning is the Mayor’s Hike & Bike so I hope the rain is gone by tonight. Maybe we’ll just ride our bikes in the rain. I hope to have photos to share with you tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Memorial Day!




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