Day 150: Beatersville Car and Bike Show photos

2 06 2010

Since thunderstorms prevented me doing much on the computer Sunday (out of fear a lightning strike would fry the computer), I promised to post some photos from the Beatersville Car and Bike Show. Beatersville is an annual event that features cars, trucks and bikes manufactured prior to 1968. It’s one of my favorite events to attend every year. I should add that I am terrible at identifying cars, trucks, etc., so I frequently take photos of one I find interesting, yet I have no idea what model it is. Someday I’ll learn to take notes of what I photograph. 

I’m posting some of the photos here (mostly the bikes since this is a bike blog after all), but more are available at my photography website: (Click the “Thumbnails” tab at the top of the page and select “Cars and Trucks” in the dropdown menu. Most of the cars featured in that category are either from Beatersville or from annual Kentucky Art Car shows.) 

Green lowrider


This was my favorite from this year's show.


Mirror detail


I didn’t get any great shots of some of the various bicycles at the show this year, but here are a few: 

I liked this one.


Black lowrider three-wheeler


Great paint detail on this one (although I was unable to get a close-up shot).


How can you not be a cool kid on this bike?


The Pea Picker


Schwinn Cruiser 5


Red Slik Shifter


I loved this guy's suit. When I saw their expressions as I looked through the camera, I quickly pointed my camera at a nearby car so he wouldn't kick my ass for taking his photo. I just wanted to tell him I liked his suit, but he didn't seem very approachable.


This little guy posed for the shot.


Today’s food journal: 

— Strawberry, banana, organic yogurt smoothie = 250 cal. 

— Jimmy John’s Slim turkey sandwich = 401
— BBQ chips = 160
— Iced tea = 10 

— Salad with ranch dressing = 178
— Baked potato = 163
— 2 dinner rolls = 155
— Iced tea = 0 

— Weight Watchers ice cream bar = 130 

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride! 

…( ) / ( )  

Thanks for visiting.



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