Day 153: Bats in the belfry

5 06 2010

For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing a noise in our bathroom wall and ceiling. We figured it was birds. We thought it best to wait until the babies had left the nest before we had our handyman come look for the spot where they’re getting in before we sealed up the hole.

Well, the other day, the noise grew much louder and definitely was not a bird sound. By that point, we thought maybe we had squirrels. Time to call a critter removal company. Some friends referred us to a company that traps the critters and then humanely releases them out in the county on a wildlife habitat area. They came out earlier today to look in the attic and give a cost estimate for the removal.

The guy comes out of the attic and said, “well, it’s not great news.” He had expected to find raccoons – noisy and destructive, but relatively easy to trap and release. “It’s not raccoons.” In addition to a couple squirrels, we have about 20 bats. BATS! Like creepy little bug-eyed flying Dracula creatures! In our attic! And if that news wasn’t icky enough – they’re “birthing.” Nice. So the 20 or so creepy bats have had babies already. Apparently, the process is to wait another month or two for the babies to leave the nest/house. Otherwise, if they guy traps the parents, then the babies can’t leave the nest and they stay up their and die. And rot. And stink up the house. And they carry health hazards (obviously).

Long story short, we’re stuck with bats in our belfry until late July when the babies are old enough to leave the nest for food. At which time, the critter ridder company comes out to put bat traps to capture all the bats, then releases them someplace else and seals up the area where they’re coming into the house. Wonderful. He’s going to get us a cost in the next couple days, but I’m sure it won’t be cheap. I guess the good news is that he said homeowner’s insurance should cover “most” of the cost. Holy crap, Batman, I sure hope so. Maybe on our next ride, Carrick and I will dress as Batman and Robin to ride our bat bikes:

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate mint Builder Bar = 270 cal.

— Penn Station Dagwood sandwich = 546
— Iced tea = 0

— Gnocchi with garlic, olive oil and spinach = 256 (est.)
— Iced tea = 0

— 2 Skinny Cow Cookies & Cream ice cream cups = 240

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( )

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