Day 154: Did Cancellara use an electric motor?

6 06 2010

I’m sure every sport has its dopers and cheats, but in some sports (baseball as an example) it seems that when players get accused of doping they get a slap on the wrist and continue playing their sport. Obviously there are exceptions of course, but I find it interesting how many professional cyclists are banned from their sport for several years once they test positive for drugs. It’s much more than a slap on the wrist. Don’t get me wrong – in my opinion, if you cheat you don’t deserve the accolades that come with winning. No matter the sport.

But as Floyd Landis recently accused Lance Armstrong (and quite a few others) of doping, the most recent accusation of cheating I’ve read seems to surround Fabian Cancellara, who is accused of using a small electric motor to help power his bike. What?!

The Gruber Assist motor is a battery-powered motor can be built into the frame of a bicycle and remotely activated to give a rider a boost of power. This video explains how it works (and how near-invisible it is). And this website explains Cancellara’s attack that raised the questions of whether or not he used the motor assist. It’s way too math-oriented for my taste, but you may find it interesting. As Carrick said to me earlier today, “It seems like people just think it’s impossible for a cyclist to be great enough to win the Tour without using drugs.”

What do you think? Is there truth to the allegations?

It’s my birthday today, so I didn’t track the food I ate. (I needed a break). Although I really wasn’t too bad today. Anyway, I’m back on the wagon tomorrow.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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