Day 158: Knee pain

10 06 2010

I need your advice. For the past couple weeks I’ve been experiencing some knee pain (mainly at the back of my right knee). Right now, it’s only mildly annoying, but I want to address it before it turns into a more serious issue.

I’ve not been on the bike much for the past couple weeks due to a busy schedule, so the problem isn’t from overtraining. The only way I can think of to describe the pain is to say it seems to be isolated to the outside of the back of my right knee and it feels like I hyperextended it a little. Not horrible pain, more of an annoying discomfort.

It’s most noticeable when I bend my knee, like during an upstroke. I also notice it a bit when I walk. The front right side of that quad muscle also seems slightly irritated.

I’ve not changed the height or position of my saddle nor have I been climbing hills. In fact, I’ve not trained much at all the past couple weeks so maybe I need to go for a ride tonight and see how it feels. One thing I don’t do regularly before and after a ride is stretch. I know…I really need to better about that so I can prevent injuries.

If you have any tips or advice on what could be causing my knee pain or how to fix it, I’d appreciate your feedback. I’ve been finding a lot of information online, but by the time I find something useful, I read something else that seems to negate the previous information. Very frustrating. And with the bike ride birthday trip coming up in two weeks I want to be in good shape.

Thanks for any tips you may have and thanks for visiting. (I hope to have the computer problem resolved tonight so I can resume regular blog posts. Typing on my phone is getting tiring.)




2 responses

13 06 2010

Still bothering you? Wonder if maybe something other than biking would have caused that. Did you try cycling and if so how did it go? I typically get that type of pain from things like climbing steps, step classes, or too much extension of the bottom of my legs. Also it may be caused from doing something out of form .. I.e. Something is too hard for your body and you’re using an unassociated part to take some of the load off (if that makes sense).

I’d suggest the seat is too high but you mentioned not adjusting the seat..

If it turns into something that keeps reoccurring the best you can do is try and strengthen up that part of your legs .. That can be done quite a few ways without requiring a visit to your gym. If it becomes consistent let me know and I can give you some suggestions on things to try and strengthen that area. For now I’d suggest ibuprofen and minimizing anything that annoys the pain. Good luck!

13 06 2010

Thanks Christina, for your comment and tips. I went for a ride today and it seemed to feel pretty good. The past couple nights I put ice on it and tried to keep it rested and I think that helped. I definitely need to work on some strength training exercises. My legs could always be in better shape (although I have to be careful of my knees because of arthritis) and I really need to work on shoulders again since I had to not lift things for so long because of my rotator cuff problem (which has been a lot better lately). Wow, I’m falling apart! 🙂 I think with my knee, I just overextended it. Ice and stretching the past few days seems to have helped a lot. If you know any strength exercises that are good for shoulders, without straining the rotator cuff, feel free to let me know. Thanks for your help!

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