Day 162: Bicycling Magazine’s What to Wear Guide

14 06 2010

I got an email today from Bicycling Magazine, promoting their “what to wear” guide. The what-to-wear guide allows you to select temperature, wind conditions, sun/cloudy conditions and how you like to feel when you ride (cool, warm or in-between). Make your selections and click Submit. The guide returns clothing suggestions and includes links to product reviews for the various items.

To test it out, I selected 95 degrees (F), breezy, sun, and in-between (I prefer not to be too cold or too hot). The suggested clothing was pretty obvious: short sleeve jersey, helmet, shorts, fingerless gloves, socks, shoes and sunglasses. During hot, humid summer months I have no problem figuring out what to wear on a ride. I figure the least amount of clothing, the better. Without getting arrested for indecent exposure of course.

When the weather is cooler in the Spring and Fall, I have a harder time deciding what to wear. I’ve finally figured out that my legs get cold easily, so if it’s 60 degrees or less, I’m most comfortable wearing tights over my shorts, and either a long-sleeve jersey or a light jacket over my upper body. To see what the guide recommended, I selected the following:
— Temperature: 50 degrees F
— Wind: Windy
— Conditions: Overcast
— You like to feel: In-between

And here were the results (it said I may need to shed or add layers mid-ride). This is way more than I would bother with wearing, but it seems to be a pretty good list that provided suggestions for many different items – sure to be something there for everyone:

— Helmet (I always wear a helmet)
— Winter Beenie (I have one really warm one for cold weather, and a couple for warmer, but still chilly temps)
— Balaclava (I’ve got one, but it makes me feel claustrophobic. Might take some getting used to.)
— Short-sleeve jersey (I’ve got several and wear a baselayer underneath when needed.)
— Long-sleeve jersey
— Baselayer (very helpful on chilly Fall days)
— Long-sleeve baselayer
— Shortsleeve/sleeveless baselayer (I only have a long-sleeve baselayer)
— Thermal jacket (I have one thermal, and one more lightweight jacket)
— Vest
— Lightweight jacket
— Shorts (I have multiple pairs of shorts to make sure I always have some that are clean when I need them.)
— Long Tights (these work great and might be my favorite cool/cold-weather piece of clothing)
— Thermal Bibs
— Neck Warmer
— Arm Warmer (I think the ones I bought are too small – my arms feel rather numb when I wear them, so I don’t use them very often.)
— Leg or Knee Warmer (I prefer tights. I hated the knee warmers – I felt like a stuffed sausage.)
— Thermal Gloves
— Fingered Gloves (haven’t worn them yet)
— Fingerless Gloves (I have several pairs)
— Winter Socks (important to keep the toes toasty)
— Medium Socks
— Light Socks
— Winter Shoes
— Shoes (I’m buying clipless pedals and shoes soon. Right now, I just wear a pair of old tennis shoes.)
— Shoe Covers (haven’t worn them yet, but I’m prepared)
— Toe Warmer
— Glasses (I never ride without glasses. They’re great for keeping road debris out of my eyes.)

Overall, I thought the “what to wear guide” was a pretty helpful. Those Bicycling Magazine folks always provide good information.

I totally blew my diet (or lack of) today, so I didn’t track my food. I’m on the wagon and back on the scale again tomorrow.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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5 11 2010
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