Day 169: Bikram Bicycling?

21 06 2010

We’re spending another night in the house without air-conditioning. I’m cranky, have had a headache for two days and I’ve removed as much clothing as I possibly can. If I remove any more, I may give the neighbors nightmares tonight if they see me walking by our open windows buck naked. Our repair guy is coming out tomorrow night after work, so I hope he’s able to fix the problem while he’s here. While we sweat our guts out in 90 degree temperatures inside the house (and 75% humidity), Carrick just asked me a great question: If we put our bikes on the indoor trainers and worked out in the un-airconditioned house, would it be like Bikram Yoga? Maybe we can start a new business: Bikram Bicycling. I see plenty of information on Google about Bikram Yoga, but nothing on Bikram Bicycling. Hmmm . . . she just might be onto something!

Today’s food journal:

— Organic low-fat vanilla yogurt with granola = 450 cal.

— 2 small hot dogs with cheese = 680
— Diet Coke = 0

— 1 soft pretzel = 483
— Salad with ranch dressing = 168
— Iced tea = 0

— Skinny Cow ice cream cup = 120

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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One response

21 06 2010

it’s definately hot enough for Bikram Cycling 😉

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