Day 172: Indy N.I.T.E. Ride

24 06 2010

The surprise birthday trip that Carrick planned for me a while ago is finally here! At dinner tonight, I discovered we’re doing the Indy N.I.T.E. Ride on Saturday! We’ve never done the ride before, but I read about it earlier this year and thought it sounded like a blast. The ride begins at 11 p.m. and continues for 20 miles through downtown Indianapolis. Awesome! But wait! There’s more! It’s an entire day full of bike-related events to choose from:

— A 16- to 60- mile morning club ride with the Central Indiana Bicycling Association
— A ride at the Major Taylor Velodrome
— Admission to UCSF Track Races at the Velodrome
— Free t-shirts and other giveaways
— A “L.I.T.E. Up Your Bike” contest
— A Giant Cruiser bike giveaway
— The N.I.T.E. Ride (starts at 11 p.m.)
— A post-ride party with free dinner and live music

Did I mention I’m super excited about this?! And tomorrow night, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” is playing at the Indianapolis Museum of Art during their outdoor “Summer Nights” series. We’ve got bug spray and a picnic blanket ready to go!

Needless to say that the next two night’s blog posts will be short. 🙂 I’ll have a full report with photos and probably video after we get back home.

Today’s food journal:

— Organic low-fat vanilla yogurt with granola = 450 cal.

— Jimmy John’s Slim turkey sandwich = 401
— BBQ chips = 160
— Iced tea = 10 

— Club sandwich on wheat = 270
— Fries = 200
— Iced tea = 0

— Skinny Cow ice cream cup = 120

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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