Day 181: Don’t mess with Texas

3 07 2010

Fabian Cancellara did a fantastic job today winning the prologue stage of the Tour. While I knew Armstrong wouldn’t take the yellow jersey for today’s stage, I was still happy to see him come out ahead of Contador. I hope to see Armstrong win #8 this year.

Armstrong = 1
Contador = 0

It’s going to be an interesting race! Let the drama unfold!

Today’s food journal:

— Skipped breakfast today.

— Lean Cuisine tortilla fish = 330 cal.
— Chocolate milk = 180

— Black bean nachos with guacamole = 595
— Iced tea = 0

— Reece’s candy (at a movie) = 216
— Skinny Cow ice cream cone = 150

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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One response

5 07 2010

In terms of the clock, Armstrong’s advantage is nothing. Psychologically, it was a great first blow to land. If Lance can stay in touch over the Alps, it’s game on!

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