Day 188: Lance vs. Contador

10 07 2010

The August issue of Bicycling magazine


I got the new issue of Bicycling magazine in the mail today. Lance vs. Contador. I realize it’s a special cover during the Tour de France, but it’s nice to see something different for a change. As I’ve mentioned before, the magazine’s covers get a little boring at times because each issue looks the same as the previous one. Anyway, I’ll be digging into the new issue tonight while I get caught up on watching Stage 7. 

Carrick and I enjoyed a nice 25-mile ride today. Seventeen miles were with one of the local bike clubs. After that, we took our time getting home … wandering through downtown, U of L campus, then through the neighborhood to complete the 25 miles. It was a nice cool 75 degrees this morning with low humidity, so we thought we should enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of the day was pretty warm though. I’m happy to report neither of us tipped over while clipped into our new pedals (like last weekend). 🙂 Tomorrow I think we’re going practice some hills in the area. 

Today’s food journal: 

— Chocolate mint Builder Bar = 270 cal. 

— Baked potato = 163
— Organic LF chocolate milk = 180 

— 2 chicken fajitas = 247
— Guacamole and chips = 276
— Iced tea = 0 

— Skinny Cow ice cream cup = 150 

— 25 mile bike ride (12 mph average for 2 hours) = 1000 cal. burned 

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride! 

…( ) / ( )  

Thanks for visiting. 



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