Day 192: Avoiding Tour de France spoilers

14 07 2010

Facebook. Twitter. iPhone apps. DVRs. I love having so much information available to me at a moment’s notice. One of mine and Carrick’s newest habits is seeing an actor on TV and wondering aloud, “I wonder how old _____ is?” We quickly grab our phones and find the answer online. Random pointless curiosity is then temporarily satisfied. Don’t laugh, you never know when that useless bit of information might be the answer to a trivia question with friends.

I do have a love/hate relationship with social media though. I love the speed at which I can get up-to-date on events, programs, what’s going on with family and friends, etc. On the other hand, I hate having to avoid Twitter almost entirely while the Tour de France is going on. (Apparently Fatty from feels the same way about spoilers.) Since the Tour started last weekend, there have only been a couple stages where Carrick and I neither one knew who won that day’s stage. Yes, I could probably just unfollow the various cycling people I follow until the Tour is over, then start following them again after the Tour is over, but that seems kind of silly.

I record the Tour on our DVR and watch it after work each night. As much of a news-Twitter-Facebook-texting-iPhone junkie that I am, it’s difficult to make it through an entire day without reading who won that day’s stage. This will be even more difficult in a couple weeks when I’m on vacation (with no DVR and no Versus channel – and maybe even no TV! GASP!) during the last two stages of the tour. I’ll just have to rely on my Versus TdF iPhone app I purchased last week. At least with that I can watch the video coverage while I’m sitting on the beach (at least that’s my plan). Maybe the time away from the constant access to everything geeky will also be a nice vacation. I’m long overdue for some time to unplug.

Today’s food journal:

— Organic LF yogurt with granola = 450 cal.

— Grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat = 431
— Chips = 60
— Diet Coke = 0

— We splurged for our 15th anniversary tonight and went to a nice restaurant. I had a delicious chicken breast with potato dumplings and a mushroom glaze. Very tasty, but I have no guess as to how many calories. And I’m sure the chocolate cake and piece of cheesecake that we shared had no calories at all.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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3 responses

15 07 2010
Beate Oera-Roderick

I often have to rely on itvplayer to make the highlights available online, which makes things even harder, as they are very slow indeed. We had to resort to getting up an hour early to watch the last night’s stage, before the news could get to us. It’s hard enough having to stay clear of the internet without losing my beauty sleep too…:)

15 07 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

The things we do to watch the Tour! 🙂 Enjoyed your post today on Lance. Keep up the nice work and be safe out there.

19 07 2010
Day 197: RoadID unboxed « Cyclingproject365

[…] I’m off to watch today’s stage in the Tour. I heard it was a good one! Have I mentioned how difficult it is to make it through an entire day avoiding Facebook and Twitter so I don’t see any spoilers before I get a chance to watch what the DVR recorded? Oh yeah … I did mention that.  […]

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