Day 195: Peopleforbikes needs your help

17 07 2010 is an organization hoping to get a million people to pledge their support for making bicycling a safer and more convenient for everyone. The movement was started by the Bikes Belong Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to bicycle safety and getting more people on bikes more often. According to their website:

“Bicycling is great for health, good for communities, and a solution to many of our most pressing societal and environmental problems. Although millions of Americans recognize these benefits, and love to ride their bikes, only a fraction of those who ride have stood up to help improve bicycling in America. To bridge this gap and make our country a better place for all who ride, is gathering a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice—to make bicycling safer, more convenient and appealing for everyone.”

Share your story, tell your friends and join by signing the pledge. Gathering a million names will help Peopleforbikes let the public, the media and policy makers know that bicycling is important and should be promoted. Find out more about how you can help on a local level and spread the word. Even a Peopleforbikes cycling jersey (from Primal Wear) is now available with 50% of all purchases going back to I think I might need one of those.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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