Day 203: The Tour comes to an end

25 07 2010

Despite this being my first day at the beach, I woke up this morning around 8 a.m. Not like me at all to wake up that early on a weekend. Especially on vacation. But much to my surprise, I found Versus on TV here at the beach house! So I stayed in bed and watched the teams ride into Paris.

Team Radio Shack started the ride this morning with new jerseys: black ones with the number 28 on them, to signify the 28 million people living with cancer. It was a nice way to raise awareness for the cause. Unfortunately, the jerseys didn’t conform to the UCI’s rules, so they had to change back into their Team Radio Shack kits. I’m a little unclear whether the UCI changed the rules at the last minute, or did Team RS not seek approval from them ahead of time? Maybe I missed something, so if someone can fill me in, let me know.

I had hoped Andy Schleck would win, but it was apparent a few days ago that Alberto Contador would take that honor. I really didn’t like Contador, but he is a great cyclist and has grown on me over the last week. While I still would have liked seeing Armstrong take his 8th win (or at least make it to the podium), it was still a great Tour to watch. Once again, Mark Cavendish managed to prove what an incredible sprinter he is. I expected he would win the sprint today, and he did it in the last few seconds, leaving Hushovd, Petacchi and the others in his dust. Now I have another year to decide who to root for next year. So many great cyclists.

A nice thunderstorm is rolling in tonight, so I’ve got the camera on a tripod while I sit taking some (hopefully) good lightning photos. At least a few so far look like they might turn out ok. Someone needs to invent a way for digital SLRs to upload directly to Flickr from the camera (much like I’ve been doing from my iPhone). Or maybe a way exists already and I just don’t know about it yet.

Anyway, tomorrow’s plan is a bike ride a few miles down the road to the nature preserve.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

Thanks for visiting.



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