Day 205: Lance’s bad luck continues

27 07 2010

Lance Armstrong just can’t catch a break lately. The Radio Shack team is now “being disciplined” because of wearing the (unapproved) black “28” jerseys during the last day of the Tour de France. I guess I can understand the UCI making the team change back into their regular jerseys during the stage, but is it really worthy of disciplinary action? Seems kind of stupid if you ask me.

Speaking of catching a bad break, I discovered earlier today that my camera most likely will need to be sent back to Canon for repair. The shutter locks up and an “error 99” message appears on screen. After a process of elimination while testing things this afternoon, I think I’ve narrowed down the problem to one of the lenses. Still, the idea of being without my camera for several weeks while it’s being repaired is just painful to think about. I might have withdrawal symptoms! I guess it’s Murphy’s Law to have camera problems while on vacation. I just hope my pocket camera and my iPhone continue to work correctly while I’m gone. Glad I have back-up options at least.

Tomorrow (assuming it’s not too hot), Carrick and I plan to ride to Back Bay Nature Preserve again and check out the old church and cemetery we missed yesterday. Getting out of bed this morning, I noticed my shoulders were sore and stiff, probably as a result of riding the gravel roads (which I’m not used to) for 16 miles yesterday. But it won’t stop me from doing it again. I may be out of shape and I may be getting older, but as I age, I’m also getting more stubborn. Whether that’s a good thing or bad, I suppose it depends on who you ask. 🙂

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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