Day 206: Pirates!

28 07 2010

It was a bit hot and windy today at the beach, so we decided to postpone our second ride to the Back Bay Nature Preserve. We’d like to find the old church and cemetery the park ranger told us about the other day, but I think we’re going to give it a try tomorrow (assuming the predicted thunderstorms hold off until later in the day).

Tonight after dinner, the adults did a pirate-themed treasure hunt for the kids, complete with a box full of “booty” (toys) buried in the sand. Afterwards, Carrick said, “I wonder if there are any pirate-themed bike rides?” After doing a quick Google search, I found several pirate-themed rides. I’m sure there are others, but here are a few I found:

— September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (who knew?), so of course there’s a corresponding bike ride in New York City.
Midnight Ridazz also have a Pirate Ride in Pasadena.
Bike Friendly Oak Cliff has a Ninjas vs. Pirates Ride in March.
Ride for the Pirate, a motorcycle ride, is held in Yorktown, Virginia. Not a bicycle ride, I realize, but since we just this week visited Yorktown, I felt it was worth including.

And of course, I can’t forget to mention Marco Pantani, who won the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia in 1998. Pantani was known as “the Pirate” for the bandana he wore while riding. Unfortunately, he failed a drug test after the 1999 Giro and died of an overdose in 2004.

I’m filing away an idea for a future post on various themed rides. If you have any in your area, contact me and let me know. I think it would be fun to compile a list of off-the-wall “theme rides” around the country. I’ll start working on that.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

Thanks for visiting.



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