Day 208: Vacation comes to an end

30 07 2010

Our great beach vacation is coming to an end. We enjoyed hanging out with the family and getting caught up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. The car is packed (except for the bikes) and we’re ready to head out in the morning around 4 so we can beat the traffic jam into the tunnel. Despite a couple thunderstorms and high temperatures at the beginning of the week, we had great weather and enjoyed a few bike rides too. We didn’t take quite as many bike rides as we anticipated, but we did get in a few good rides. Next time, we’ll find the old church and cemetery in the nature preserve that we didn’t have time to see this trip.

I’m not looking forward to a 12 hour drive tomorrow, but it’ll be nice to be settled into our home again with our critters. Many thanks to our friend Carla for house-sitting and critter-sitting while we were gone. I’m glad we decided to take Monday off work, so we’ll have a couple days to get caught up on things at home before returning to work. My first stop on Monday will be to the camera store to find out what’s wrong with my camera. After that, I expect I’ll even make time for a bike ride or two (after re-acquainting myself with my new clipless pedals first). 🙂

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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