Day 220: Janeen’s bike with a brain

11 08 2010

In case you aren’t already familiar with Precious, I’ll introduce you. Precious is the name of the bicycle that Janeen McCrae of No Direction Known, is riding across the US to raise money to benefit LiveStrong. Specifically, she joined Team Fatty with a fundraising goal of $4,262 ($1 for every mile). But before you think Precious is “just a bicycle,” let me clarify: Precious has a brain. Yep, that’s right. He talks. He tracks mileage. He tracks location. Also temperature, cadence, speed, humidity, grade, direction and roadkill. Here’s a screenshot of the website:


According to the website, his brain is an “on-board device that captures all of his experiences, combined with a cloud-based system that analyzes those experiences. Put this all together and get a bike that’s able to express itself in his own words. He shares his up-to-the-moment thoughts, and has a subconscious which allows him to dream about all he’s been through.” You can see a short video here

Janeen’s current tour across the US is the 2.0 version as she refers to it. She took a rather nasty crash in May at the start of her ride (Day 4 to be exact) and was off the bike for several weeks. She’s lucky to be alive considering she lay unconscious in a ditch for two hours before being rescued. Now she’s healed and back on the bike. As of this writing, she is currently in Topmost, KY. You can follow her progress on her blog or on Precious’s blog

If you’re not familiar with Janeen or Precious, check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Here is the link to donate to their ride. 

Today’s food journal: 

— Strawberry, banana smoothie with LF organic milk = 3.5 points 

— Grilled cheese on wheat = 7.5 points
— Iced tea = 0 points 

— 2 tostadas with vegetarian meat substitute, 1 Tbsp nacho cheese = 5.5 points
— Chocolate milk (LF) = 3 points 

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride! 

…( ) / ( )  

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