Day 225: Cannondale’s defective bike shorts

16 08 2010

Several months ago I purchased a pair of Cannondale women’s cycling shorts. Like many people, I have several pairs of shorts, several jerseys and other clothing for various types of weather. The Cannondale shorts and another pair by Pearl Izumi are my favorites and the ones I wear most often. Very comfortable, a good fit and a comfortable chamois. At least that’s what I thought.

Yesterday, as I was getting dressed for a ride I realized the Cannondale shorts seemed to fit differently than they did a couple weeks ago when I wore them last. “Have I finally lost weight?” I thought. (A quick “no” on that one.) Then I noticed it — the middle part of the chamois had come unstitched from the lycra. It’s a good 2 or 3 inch area on both legs that came unstitched. Dammit! One of my two favorite pairs of shorts!

As you might know, I’m not an everyday cyclist. I would like to ride more during the week, but can’t seem to find the time. Instead, I do most of my riding on the weekends: 20 or 30 mile rides as weather allows. So it’s not like I’m riding hundreds of miles a week. Otherwise, I would expect a pair of shorts to wear out quickly. I purchased the shorts probably six months ago. I paid around $80 for them. I’ve discovered with cycling shorts that you get what you pay for. The higher price range products seem to have a thicker, more durable chamois. I have other pairs that I purchased for around $40 that are still like new, although the chamois is not as comfortable. Well, let’s just say you don’t always get what you pay for after all.

I emailed customer service at Cannondale and politely explained the situation:

“I have a pair of your bike shorts that are one of my favorite pairs of shorts. Very comfortable chamois, good fit and very comfortable overall. I’ve had them for a little less than a year. I ride mostly on weekends and average around 40 miles per weekend, so I’m a regular rider, but I don’t ride daily long distances.

Today, I noticed the chamois has come unstitched in a large area where they’re attached to the shorts. I wondered if there’s any warranty coverage or chance of replacement or repair? I’ve always been careful to wash my cycling clothes on a delicate setting and with delicate detergent. Other items have held up with no problem, but I was disappointed these are coming unstitched.

Thanks in advance for your help. If you have any questions or would like me to send a photo, please let me know.”

Here’s their reply:

“Thank you for choosing Cannondale.  Sorry to hear of your findings.  Please take your shorts to your nearest Cannondale Retailer.  As long as you have your original sales receipt, you can go to any Cannondale Retailer for a warranty consideration.  The Dealer Locator on our website can help you to find a Retailer near you. Thank you for contacting Cannondale.  Have a nice day.”

Soooo . . . that translates to: “Sucks to be you. We don’t care that our product sucks.” I don’t need help finding a dealer locator. I know where I purchased the shorts. As I see it, it’s not the bike store’s problem that Cannondale’s product is defective. Why should they be the ones to give me a replacement? It’s Cannondale’s problem. Shouldn’t they stand behind their product if they’re found to be defective? Shouldn’t an $80+ pair of bike shorts last longer than six months for a cyclist who averages only around 40 or 50 miles a week?

Anyway, here’s what I have to say to Cannondale (not that they care):

“Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry to hear you don’t bother to stand behind your defective product. I wasn’t really asking for help finding a dealer locator. I remember where I bought them, although it’s not the bike store’s fault your product sucks. Seems like that’s your problem. But that’s okay . . . I’ll just know in the future to never buy any Cannondale products. I’ll stick with competitor’s products such as Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau, and even the $40 Nashbar brand which I’ve had much longer and have held up much better. Thanks for your consideration. Have a nice day.”

Today’s food journal:

— Chocolate, banana, PB smoothie = 5 points

— Veggie chicken patty on deli round bun = 4 points
— 1 sugar-free jello pudding cup = 1 point
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— Grilled chicken sandwich on 1/2 a bun = 4.5 points
— 1 cup potato salad = 1.5 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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3 responses

16 08 2010
Dave Morse

Heh, Cannondale is taking a calculated risk that you were not a blogger. They lost.

17 08 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

🙂 Good point, David. See today’s post for an update. Surprisingly, they emailed today and offered to send a replacement! I’ll see what happens next.

17 08 2010
Day 226: Cannondale offers replacement « Cyclingproject365

[…] 226: Cannondale offers replacement 17 08 2010 In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my frustration with Cannondale after a pair of their bike shorts I have started […]

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