Day 227: The Sufferfest

18 08 2010

For quite a while now, I’ve considered buying a training video to help me build climbing skills, increase my endurance and improve my overall fitness. I prefer riding outdoors, of course, but I’ve found that to really get a good, hard workout can sometimes be difficult outside when having to deal with traffic, red lights, stop signs and other delays. So I’ve looked into Spinervals DVDs. These come in various skill levels and seem to cost around $30 or more. I haven’t bought one yet, but they’re on my list to be considered.

Another option I’ve more recently considered are the videos from, which include officially licensed ASO cycling footage. Each video is available for $9.99 as a computer download (.mp4 file) and is viewable on any computer, iPhone or iPod. They can also be burned to a DVD for watching on a regular DVD player. The Sufferfest Web site provides a detailed description and preview of each video, as well a soundtrack listing. Here are the various videos offered:

The Downward Spiral: “60 minutes of structured agony” focusing on decending intervals. (Alt-rock soundtrack)

Fight Club: 60 minutes of “scrappy, punchy, messy racing” focusing on climbing and time trials. (Electronica/House/Techno soundtrack)

Revolver: 45 minutes of 15 one-minute intervals with one minute recovery periods. (Alt/Electronica soundtrack)

Angels (no preview available): 60 minutes of climbing with 10-minute over/under intervals. (Coming Fall 2010)

My only hesitation is that some of them (such as the Downward Spiral) are apparently optimized for smaller screens such as laptops and iPhones. When viewed on larger screens like a TV or monitor,  it may not be as sharp. “Revolver” however, is a higher resolution and optimized for TVs and larger monitors.

The Sufferfest Web site also has a great section on indoor cycling resources. The page includes links to good workout playlists and podcasts, social training sites, other cycling DVDs/videos and more.

For the great price, I’m thinking of trying one. Now I just have to decide which one. (I’m leaning toward the Downward Spiral). Have you tried these videos? If so, do you like them? Any suggestions?

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat english muffin = 2 points
— 1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points
— 1 small banana = 1.5 points

— Veggie chicken patty = 3 points
— Deli flat bread = 1 point
— Grey Poupon mustard = 0 points
— Jello pudding cup (sugar free) = 1 point
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— 1 soft pretzel = 3 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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4 responses

19 08 2010
Paige Davis


My phone number is ***** [edited]. I hope you and Carrick are doing well. We are all fine, if a little hot, here.

I enjoy your blog. You’re crazy healthy. Do you remember when the two of us lived on chips and salsa, french fries, and Pop’s Four Cheese pizza? Oy vey.


19 08 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

Thanks Paigey! I added your phone number to my address book (but removed it here, so your number won’t be posted on my blog). I do remember well the good days of us living on Cokes, pizza, fries and Marlboros. Ahh, the good old days. 🙂 Next time I come home, we’ve got a Pop’s pizza with our names on it!

21 08 2010
Day 230: Soup By Cycle on FOX 41 TV « Cyclingproject365

[…] forgot how much the indoor training kicks my butt. I may be too much of an out-of-shape wuss to try the Sufferfest videos I mentioned the other day. – 35 minutes on stationary trainer = +2 activity […]

24 08 2010
Day 233: Review of The Sufferfest’s Downward Spiral video « Cyclingproject365

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