Day 229: Manhattan Joyride

20 08 2010

The New York Times today had an interesting article on an event in Manhattan called “Joyride.” Described as a group bike ride set to music, the ride takes place on a shared route and includes a shared playlist, so riders participating in the event start off from the same point and press “play” simultaneously on their mp3 players. Liz Sherman is a theater director who came up with the idea. The event also includes “a picnic in Central Park, complete with checkerboard tablecloths spread on the grass, bouquets of flowers and a menu of lobster rolls and fresh corn salad, courtesy of Jane Park, a friend of Ms. Sherman who is also a chef.”

I don’t advocate listening to headphones while riding, but this event takes place on a route closed to city traffic to allow riders to enjoy the experience without dealing with the dangers of traffic. Sherman limits the event to 50 people, but if someone cancels, she reserves 15 spots for “extras.” She hopes to take Joyride to other cities. San Francisco is apparently being considered. I hope Louisville is on her list. It sounds like a great event.

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat english muffin = 2 points
— 1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points
— 1 banana = 1 point
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— Jimmy Johns slim turkey sandwich = 8 points
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— Small salad with ranch dressing = 4 points
— Diet Coke = 0 points
(It looks like I need to lay off the Diet Cokes. Wow. Three in one day.)

— Cool whip with Hershey’s syrup = 4 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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