Day 234: Not enough downtime

25 08 2010

I read an article in the New York Times today that scientists are saying when we constantly occupy our minds with our various digital devices, it robs our brain of the necessary downtime to better process information and learn new things. As the article states:

“At the University of California, San Francisco, scientists have found that when rats have a new experience, like exploring an unfamiliar area, their brains show new patterns of activity. But only when the rats take a break from their exploration do they process those patterns in a way that seems to create a persistent memory of the experience.”

Also, a study at the University of Michigan found that people learned significantly better after a nature walk than after a walk in an urban environment. When our brains have to process a constant input of information, it leaves us fatigued.

Maybe this explains why I feel sometimes like I have the attention span of a toddler. I multi-task all day at work. On my drive home, I flip from station to station on my Sirius radio, searching for that “perfect” song. I come home and multi-task: I poke around on the computer while I listen to the TV in the next room. While I watch TV and visit with Carrick, I poke around on my iPhone. While I read magazines, I watch TV. Lately, I seem unable to focus on one thing at a time for an extended period. Do you have this problem too? It’s not just me, I hope.

On that note, I’m going relax and visit with Carrick. And watch TV. And play with my iPhone. And….

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat english muffin = 1 point
— 1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points
— small banana = 1 point

— Jimmy John’s slim turkey sandwich = 8 points
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— Grilled chicken breast = 3 points
— 1/2 cup couscous = 1.5 points
— Spinach salad with strawberries = 0 points
— Raspberry viniagrette = 3 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

— 1 frozen fruit bar = 1 point

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

Thanks for visiting.




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