Day 249: “The Lost Cyclist” author David Herlihy at Carmichael’s Bookstore

9 09 2010

Tonight cycling historian and author David Herlihy spoke at Carmichael’s Bookstore about his latest book, “The Lost Cyclist.” (I’ve talked about this in earlier posts here and here.) Carrick and I planned to ride our bikes to the bookstore, but by the time we got home from work, let out the dog, changed clothes and ate dinner, we didn’t have enough time to get there on our bikes. (Yes, I realize the irony of driving to a bike-related event.) ūüôā I’m very glad we went to hear him speak. He was a great speaker and did a nice job of combining historical details with photos he acquired while writing the book. I’ve not yet finished the book¬†(I’m currently on page 63), but to summarize, here is a brief description of the book.¬†

It baffles me to¬†think¬†of someone cycling around the world on a high-wheeler, not to mention¬†on roads in the 1890s. Not the nice paved roads we have today. I’m looking forward to finishing the book and was glad that Mr. Herlihy didn’t give away details of the ending during the talk. I bought his other book, “Bicycle: The History” while I was in the bookstore so I could have him sign both books.¬†

At the end of the talk, Herlihy¬†asked the audience for questions. One person asked the question that I was most curious about: how did he acquire the photos in the book? Herlihy¬†said when he was doing an exhibit on bicycle history. After the exhibit he was contacted¬†on the web by a relative of Frank Lenz’s who saw Herlihy’s¬†exhibit. The relative mentioned a scrapbook of Frank’s that he had and would Herlihy be interested in seeing it.¬†“The Lost Cyclist” book evolved from there.¬†

It was a great talk tonight and I’m even more excited to finish the book now and find out¬†what happened to Lenz. While Mr. Herlihy was signing my books he asked how I heard about¬†“The Lost Cyclist.” I told him a fellow cycling blogger wrote about it on his blog¬†(thanks, Tim!). He said, “Are you a blogger too?” I told him I am, but it’s not a big-name blog and I don’t have thousands¬†of visitors¬†daily (I wish), so he’s probably not heard about it. He asked the name of the blog and it turned out he saw my recent post about his upcoming talk when he got a Google Alert about it. The blogosphere is a small world sometimes. I also met Kirk, a local cyclist whose name I recognized from one of the local cycling groups. We exchanged contact information and¬†talked a bit about his TransAmerica tour. You can read more about him on his blog.¬†

As we were leaving, Carrick recognized one of the people in the audience as the high-wheeler that I photographed on Monday during the Hike & Bike. I talked with him briefly (he was getting books signed) and with a woman who was with him who also rides a high-wheeler. Idiot that I am, I forgot to introduce myself to them both and failed to get their names. 

Here are a few photos I shot during tonight’s event:¬†

Carmichael's Bookstore on Frankfort Avenue


"The Lost Cyclist" author, David Herlihy


Items from Frank Lenz's trunk.


The last photo taken of Frank Lenz, two weeks before his disappearance/death.


David Herlihy signing my book.


Signed book


David Herlihy's "Bicycle" book.


Weight Watchers update: today was weigh-in day. Increasing my workouts paid off. I lost 2.4 pounds this week, reached my 5 percent goal, and have lost a total of 7.6 pounds since I started! 

Today’s food journal:¬†

— Whole wheat English muffin = 1 point
— 1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points¬†

— Turkey sandwich on whole wheat = 5.5 points
— Diet Coke = 0 points¬†

— Weight Watchers pepperoni pizza = 8 points¬†

— Frozen fruit bar = 1 point¬†

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!¬†

…( ) / ( )    

Thanks for visiting.



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