Day 269: Night ride after Ben Sollee concert – Sept. 30

29 09 2010

Lexington musician Ben Sollee and his drummer have been on a six-week 20-show concert tour, doing all their traveling by bicycle. Sollee transports his cello from city to city on his Xtracycle. Tomorrow, Sollee will be here in Louisville at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts at 8 p.m. From what I understand, the show is free, but you have to get tickets at the box office. Bike Louisville is providing free, secure bike parking during the show. Also, there will be a night ride around 9:30 after the show. Bring your bike, helmet and lights. Here’s a note from Sollee (via Bike Louisville’s Facebook invitation):

Hey folks, this is …Ben Sollee. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at the Kentucky Center. …Have you thought about how you’re getting there? I rode my bike – along with my band. in fact, we’re riding our bikes to all our shows, all across America. Here’s an idea: ride your bike to the show if you’re able. We’ll have free bike parking right out front on Main Street. We’re even doing a ride right after the show around downtown – ending up at the new Bluegrass Brewing Co. location at Third and Main to hang out for awhile. Even if you’re not attending the show, join us afterward on your bike Thursday night, Sept. 30, at the Kentucky Center. Just be sure to bring bike lights and a helmet! – Ben

Suggested Route:

Starting at 9:30 – or as soon as Ben is finished signing CDs – we depart the KY Center West on Main to Sixth; South on Sixth to Liberty; East on Liberty to Floyd; North to Washington St.; Washington to the Edison House, just to stop for a moment to celebrate the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison; Back to Main; West on main to Third St. at BBC for food and drink.

We hope to make it to the show tomorrow night. You should come too! (Carrick just bought a new headlight for her bike, so it sounds like a perfect opportunity for her to test it out.)

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat bagel thin = 1 point
— 1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points

— Jimmy John’s Slim turkey sandwich = 8 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Weight Watchers chocolate cream cake (bite size) = 1 point

— Grilled chicken sandwich (1/2 bun) = 4.5 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Skinny Cow ice cream bar = 2 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( ) 

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