Day 272: Bike ride to St. James Court Art Show

2 10 2010

This weekend is the St. James Court Art Show, an annual event that takes place the first weekend of October every year. It draws HUGE crowds and artists from all over the country. For artists, it’s apparently difficult to get your work accepted into the show (it’s a juried event) and it’s expensive to rent booth space. Several years ago, various local artists ended up creating an “underground” part of the show called “Unfair,” which is located about a block away from the St. James show. The Unfair offers a more affordable rental fee and gives local artists an opportunity to show their art which sometimes tends to be edgier and more abstract — work that likely would not be approved by the jury for St. James. 

Carrick was working a booth for her employer this afternoon, so we rode our bikes to the event, which really is the only way to do it. Driving (not to mention parking) is a complete nightmare and makes me grouchy in about 5 minutes. It was a nice cool 65 degrees when we started our 3-mile ride. We walked through the crowds checking out some of the vendors. It took about 10 minutes before one of the vendors snapped at me about taking photos of his stuff. Oh well. I still enjoyed the day. It started lightly raining on my ride home, but it actually made for a nice ride. The little side mirror I have stuck on my helmet came off somewhere in the crowd, so I had to ride home in heavy stop-and-go traffic with no mirror. It’s surprising how much I rely on that thing. When I’m in heavy traffic like that, I take the lane and wait my turn with the other cars. I figure by taking the lane, I’m less likely to get doored by parked cars on my right, and less likely to have someone hook me during a right turn. I bought a new mirror at the bike shop this afternoon, so I’m ready for my next ride. Hopefully it will stay stuck on a little better. 

Here are a few photos I took today: 

Bike racks were occupied so we had to make do with a light pole.




Fan pulls for ceiling fans


Some eerily-realistic puppets


Einstein, Lennon and Yoda


Garcia, Elvis and Jimi


Today’s food journal: 

— Whole wheat bagel thin = 1 point
— 1 tbps peanut butter = 2 points
— 1 cup LF chocolate milk = 3 points 

— Lean Cuisine tortilla fish = 6 points 

Weight Watchers snack bar = 2 points 

— I ate at an Ethiopian restaurant tonight. I’m not sure how to figure the points for the chicken, rice, garlic, onion stew that I had. Anyway, it was very tasty and supposedly fairly healthy. 

— Skinny Cow ice cream bar = 2 points 

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride! 

…( ) / ( )  

Thanks for visiting.



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