Day 281: Photography and cycling:

11 10 2010

“Photography as a fad is well-nigh on its last legs, thanks primarily to the bicycle craze.” — Alfred Stieglitz (1897)

As both a photographer and a cyclist, I couldn’t help but be amused when I read this quote recently in a photography magazines I received in the mail last week. When I started this blog, I intended it to be a combination of my two favorite pastimes: photography and cycling. However, I think it’s ended up being more about the cycling (although I do include photos occasionally too). I’ve had a photography Web site/photoblog for several years ( to share my photos of various subjects. I’m working on redesigning that site and hope to launch the new version early next year, if not sooner. Maintaining two blogs (particularly this one with the 365-day commitment) has become more time-consuming than I expected.

While poking around the web a while ago, I came across VeloDramatic Cycling Photography, a site out of San Jose, California. I have no idea who runs the site or how many photographers they have (or if it’s just one person). This page gives you an idea of the number of images, workflow and archival process behind the site. VeloDramatic features a blog, an amazing portfolio of beautiful photographs (all cycling related) and a 2009 VeloDramatic Photography Annual hardcover book available for sale on the site. If you’re not familiar with the site, be sure to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Today’s food journal:

— Organic LF vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup granola = 5 points
— 1 banana = 1.5 points

— Spinach salad with Light Lime dressing, apple, veggie chicken patty = 6 points
— Weight Watchers bite-size chocolate creme cake = 1 point
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Grilled chicken breast = 3 points
— 1 cup couscous = 3 points
— Spinach salad with strawberries, raspberry dressing = 2.5 (est.)
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Skinny Cow ice cream bar = 2 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( )

Thanks for visiting.




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